Stack Power-up Boosters In Inventory To Reduce Lag

Once someone has past a hundred boosters in their inventory, the game starts lagging, freezing and sometimes even crashing whenever you open your inventory due to the huge amount of boosters that are displayed at once in the game’s system, which is quite annoying. You can see this bug in this post here: GAME FREEZES WHENEVER YOU OPEN BOOSTER TAB ON XBOX
Where, in that case, the reason why the game was freezing was merely because of the fact that I had just over 100 boosters. And not only that, but also the more boosters someone has in their inventory, the harder it gets for a person to get to a specific booster that is randomly located in their inventory. The image below shows how the inventory nowadays is.

So, here’s my suggestion:
Make it so that once you get a booster of the same exact type as one that you already own, instead of creating a brand new slot on the inventory for that specific booster, just combine both boosters into a single slot and put an indicator that you own that same booster twice. Something like this:

In this example, the number inside the small blue circle in the top left corner of each booster’s slot, represents the amount of times you own that same exact type of booster.
Not only would it make selecting boosters much quicker, convenient, easier and effective, but it would also get rid of all the lag that is caused by so many boosters slots in the inventory nowadays.
Even if the odds of this being added are slim to none, I really hope that this gets added in the future

Thanks for reading :3


Good idea