Stabilisers - Making 3 wheeled cars more stable

After tuning the Peel P50, I realised that it becomes completely undriveable at high speeds. That got me thinking: how should this be solved. And I came up with stabilisers.

This is based on that one Top Gear episode where Jeremy Clarkson put stabilisers on a Reliant Robin.


This would be an add-on available for 3-wheelers. They would be located at the front if the single wheel is at the front, and at the back if the single wheel is at the back. They reduce the risk of rollovers and provide some extra grip for the car. This would make them easier to drive at high speeds and more practical overall.


Lol a lot of ideas are from top gear but this is one of the better ones.


maybe a more powerful one stabilizer


this is a gyroscope stabilizer that boats mostly use but some cars have it too

some are big and some are small, both powerful


I think this was posted before tho I’m not sure

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This was not posted before


I searched it, and it was not posted before. Somebody mentioned it in the Reliant Robin suggestion, but nobody made a full post for it.

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its a suggestion wdym

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reliant robin is not reliant

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