Spawn protection for CC2

My idea is very simple but effective, I have a idea for derby in CC2 that is worth mentioning, The idea is that when you spawn instead of having spawn shield for 5 seconds you are in ghost mode for 5 seconds, (The same thing that lets you go through other cars in the Facility whenever PVP is off.) This would prevent unwanted collisions from campers who wait for you to spawn just to push you off the edge, Specifically the Volcano map, This is just a suggestion.

If you want you can decide to agree or disagree in the comments.


I wouldn’t say to make your car a ghost as such, rather make your car receive no knockback, although that could be a bit difficult

That’s still gonna be a problem, because people with internet like me will have their car be delayed for others so when “driving into” someone on their screen, I have already passed them on my screen, so, I will get away unscathed while their car goes flying around the facility.

Or someone driving by at high speeds will drive under someone that is spawning and the person that is spawning would’ve basically spawned on the passing by car which would leave to the same results.

Because at the same time, resistance to knock back is kind of already a thing in the game.

This mostly applies to the main game but I’ve managed it in derby, the difference being that I still receive damage and the person isn’t flung as much.

Internet doesn’t matter, really. It depends on the PC.

That too

I am thinking if someone is inside of your car while you are spawn protected it keeps you s\in ghost mode until they are out of being inside your car to prevent spawning cars inside of eachother.