Some Helpful Information About Resetting

As someone with 610 trillion money, getting a little bored with CC2, I’m planning on resetting. I just need some clarification and questions answered before I do.


  • Do your vehicle upgrades and customizations reset?

  • Are all the current scrap counts on vehicles reseted back to 0?

  • Are my mastery, money, competition, and derby titles going to lock?

  • If any cars get archived and I didn’t unlock them in time, will i still keep them forever? Because i previously owned them

  • Are all my old archived cars gonna disappear?

  • Am i gonna need to re-unlock mission based exclusive cars?

Now for something I should probably know before I make the final decision; what is the assumed time I hit these benchmarks considering I play for an average of an hour a day? (i have all gamepasses btw)

1 million dollars

1 billion dollars

Mastery 1

Mastery 2

1 trillion dollars / mastery 3

100 trillion dollars

Maxing out

Any help will be appreciated


As a person with 450 trillion cash, I get bored also, but I’ve never reset and I have no clue on that either.


Well i guess we wait and see together


Ok then


your vehicle upgrades and customizations don’t reset
scraps don’t reset as well (not so sure, but I’m like 90% certain about this)
those milestone titles/chat colors will lock
this I’m not sure about, but I’m pretty sure that you might not get the chance to get the archived vehicles if you don’t own them currently, but for former ownership, I’m not sure as to what will happen
your archived vehicle will still be kept
I’m pretty sure you might need to re-earn the mission exclusive cars (good luck with the EB110 lol)


Thanks alot man, the mission cars and titles kinda suck, especially the tuk-tuk and eb-110. He should honestly change it

Also you have time assumptions


Ive resetted once and it didnt reset my missions? Idk if it does now but sure

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even if I have 600T i wont reset after you just said this


i wont reset because what if a new higher up vehicle arrives?