Sin S1

Sin s1


Top speed 155
Acceleration 12
Class A 80

Yes this is a Sin


so ugly

i think you just found a car more horrid than the lamborghini coatl, holy hell

i think it looks nice

it’s just a bad angle

the pictre was tsken froma bad angle

are you high or having a stroke, can’t tell anymore and it’s starting to look like it’s both at the same time

there’s no such thing as “lineflow” in this car, it’s LITERALLY a mess of shapes, atleast with the coatl there was SOME basic lineflow dignity (even if it’s for literally only one or two lines throughtout the entire car), but this thing literally actively AVOIDS following basic car design protocol and ends up ruining the entire fucking thing, look at this minger-mobile, it didn’t just get hit with the ugly stick, or even worse fall down every branch of the ugly tree, IT IS THE FUCKING TREE, IT’S THE FUCKING THING PEOPLE GET RUN OVER WITH AT BIRTH AND BECOME UGLY.

you look at THIS THING and say that the above photo is a “bad angle”? motherfucker, that’s literally the better version of the side view, the other side is literally fucking gone, they couldn’t even deal with having to build ANOTHER side panel, that’s how horrid it is.

And even IF you put the second side panel on, it looks less like a car, and moreso an amalgamation of cancerous, tumor induced muscle, skin, and bone, with a bunch of flabby fats on it as well, this just one fucking step away from becoming that one monster from akira.

“i can’t take it anymore, the people on this website HAVE TO BE FUCKING STONED.” - Haunted Miata Plushie, Circa 2022

rethink ur life choices

rethink your opinions