Selling extra scrap for cash

So I was thinking and I found something very interesting. To players under 3 or 4 tokens quickly learn the value of scrap and put it to good use upgradeing their vehicals but eventually the cars get maxed and end up sitting with max scrap and do next to nothing when it comes to farming .
Concept of sale values:

  1. Scrap can be sold for X% of the cars value per scrap ( the more scrap that can be obtained per vehicle decreases the earnings slightly) for example the beginner car may give 1 scrap every other crush so the value would be equal to 100% where a tank that can get 50-100 per crush could give a value per scrap of 10-30% that of the total value of the vehicle
  2. NPCs could be staioned for daily or weekly deals and each one specializes in car restoration so selling scrap from a specific car will give more value comparied to another say there is an NOC that specializes in dodge charger you could get a 20-50% bonus depending on how much you give ( to much or to little and you may get just the base price for the sale ( refer to concept 1 ) )
  3. Players at tokens 2 or higher after X amount of cash earned can donate scrap or parts which will attach to the current vehicle ( in this case trucks and if cars they will get trailers ) which will ultimately slow the vehicle but will give extra cash and around 5-10% of what was brought with the vehicle into the crusher .
  4. The ability to buy into pvp challenges where the winner gets a cash prize ( vehicle is set to the best cash earning vehicle of the weaker of the 2 players, if gamepasses are in use ( like booster ) applies to both vehicles)
    Please let me know what you think !

Woah cool ideas

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Thanks !


Not really 100% sure what you meant but getting max scraps is usually pretty easy and annoying and it would be very cool to have a way to use them even after you max out.

Good idea!

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Each vehicle has a max amound of scrap you can collect like the panzer ( the german tank ) which maxes out ( AKA prevents further collection ) at atound 10K where sports cars usually max out at around 5k . Thanks !

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