Sd/kfz 222

Sdkfz 222 (light recon vehicle)

What is the sdkfz 222? Well in this version instead of only having a machine gun it mounts a 20mm cannon (its auto irl but it would just act like a normal cannon ingame)

Top speed: 80kph - 100kph (stock > max) both forward and reverse

Good steering but bad breaking

Amour - standard vehicle (insta kill almost)

Derby tier - 2

Price - 586B

Mastery - 2

Vip required or challenge perhaps

Challenge in question “iron cross” - get 10 knockouts in derby with german tanks in tank battles or team tag
What tanks in question that are allowed
Panzer 3 n
Tiger 1
Leopard 2a7
A7v sturmpanzer

Would it be worth it? probably not but eh would be interesting




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