Roblox could add a "Skybox" texture

Roblox could add a “Skybox” texture (something like in the hammer editor)

So roblox studio has skyboxes you know! Now one of the best things about the Source Engine is that in the Hammer World Editor there is a texture called “tools/toolsskybox” and also some pictures of it:


Now this texture (cough) i mean material or something should be added or something i don’t know but it should be added you know what im saying!

But wait… Somethings missing! I know, the void!
So if we add a skybox texture then there should be void outside!
A model that i used: Cubemapped Skybox Ball Sphere - Roblox
I have some pictures about this problem! Here i show you!

Here! I remove the skybox for you!

Now you see my problem?

:vibecat: Now thats all i wanted to say! Now bye! :vibecat:


This is not devforum

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Yes this Is not dev fourm

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btw i cannot login to the devforum. idk why do u need e-mail on ur account? cause i have linked so i thought i would show it here.

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You need to be a developer (like creating and actual, earning game)