Renault UE 57 builder having a different builder name

Bug Description:
Renault UE 57 (In-game name: Reulter FT-67) has a different builder named under it. I am pretty sure that user “Vioxlaa” isn’t a contributor for the Car Crushers game, the person is not even in the Car Crushers Group as shown below.

I am pretty sure that it should be “Vioxlaaa”, since that user has the contributor role in the Car Crushers Group, as shown below.

Bug Frequency:
Everytime that a specific action is done.


Steps to produce the bug:

  1. Search for the Renault UE 57 (In-game name: Reulter FT-67) in-game
  2. Within the “Built by:”, it is shown that it is “Vioxlaa” instead of “Vioxlaaa”

Is the bug related to GUI/Interface on the screen?

Roblox username:
Mr_Unkno (My brother’s Roblox Username, if ever this report is Pro Crusher worthy)


It is supposed to be that

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They forgot to type one more a

should also mention that the gr supra and crown vic still have varsation as the listed creator

I am not referring to TheZealousReaper name, I am talking about the lack of a letter, which is the lack of a letter “a” :thonkery:

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