Remove the Credit Limit, Buy vehicles with Credits & being able to get Credits from Daily Missions

My 3 suggestions are under here:

This suggestion is very simple. Just remove the Credit Limit from Car Crushers 2. Nobody really likes it and it’s very annoying mostly. If you don’t want to remove the Credit Limit, just raise the limit to like 50.000 Credits.

The second suggestion is to add a option to buy a vehicle with Credits. If the Credit limit gets removed or raised to like 50k, you can buy vehicles with a expensive prize. Like 10.000 Credits for a super car? I think that Car Crushers 2 can do cool things with vehicles being prized with Credits. But I think it’s a bad idea to remove MP, so just do that you can buy the vehicle with MP and Credits.

The last suggestion is that you can get Credits from Daily Missions. This one is very understandable, just add Credits to Daily Missions. But do not remove MP, so reward the missions with MP and Credits. I think like 100 Credits for a Daily Mission is good. Or maybe do this for Premium Quests? The choice is up to developers.

I hope that my suggestions will be added to Car Crushers 2. I also hope that Car Crushers 2 can benefit from my suggestions if they are added. I wish Car Crushers 2 much succes!


3 ways of buying limiteds?
BTW you can’t even buy thrusters for some cars due to the limit


second suggestion just makes mp completely redundant aside from boosters


i disagree with the second suggestion
first suggestion would be nice

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Suggestion 1 - In my opinion this was your best idea. I also think it’s important to increase the maximum number of credits, but 50k is a very high number. 10k would be great, since the most expensive item you can buy with credits costs 8100, and in addition, credits are obtained to help you progress quickly or easily in the game, so there is no point in saving that many credits.

Suggestion 2 - Buying vehicles with credits isn’t a bad idea, but the MP system serves precisely to help developers. Think about it with me: players doing daily missions every day means that the game always has a greater number of active players and consequently ends up having more visibility. Now, considering that they still put the purchase for credits it couldn’t be very high: 10000 credits as you said is very time consuming to get, no matter how good a derby player you are, and each daily mission you usually spend a maximum of 10 minutes to make, it’s very easy. You’ll barely spend an hour a week to get more than 100MP, and this ease doesn’t compete with earning credits, which takes much longer.

Suggestion 3 - This suggestion can be well analyzed. The ways you can get credits are: winning competitions (low earnings), winning races (high earnings but only for first and second place), escaping the nuclear explosion, scoring points and making highlights in the derby. Apart from the escape, all winnings are based on your skill, do you think this is fair or would you prefer there to be a greater distribution of credits regardless of the skill of the players? In any case, you would have to be very careful to offer more credits since developers tend to pay a lot of attention to inflation. If you compare it with several other Roblox games you will notice that the prices of vehicles and their improvements are fairer than items in other games. Giving more resources in this way could imply a general increase in the value of items that are purchased with credits, and this will almost certainly end up being a problem. It could work, but it would have to be done very well