Remodel the murcielago

The current one is so ugly bruh


Welcome and no

it isnt that horrible and u die cause no ones remodeling it

the gallardo is worse

dude if you got a problem with the model then you model it! you dont just say to remodel it or die are you stupid?!

current one is pretty good, only problem is the wheels, dont fit the car at all

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ha bet you can out threat him XD

storm alex and i did it bugatti was saying that the model is fine alex said it aint horrible and that “HE” should die bc no one is remodeling

lol, he had it comin

Make your own model in a blender and recommend it, Instead of writing toxic reports.

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sad w16 noises

Honestly, I might close it. Imma wait it out for now, and if it gets worse, this topic won’t exist.

yes can u guys please be better to this new user?

he edited his reply
the old one had a title called “remodel the murcielago now or die”


wut did i do

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i threated that douche cause it said remodel muriclago or die and u know we dont do that so i had to do it back to his douche face