Remodel atleast one vehicle per update

It’s always fun to have new vehicles or more content, but I think there should be a bit more focus on remaking old content, such as old vehicles. It would be cool if atleast one old vehicle remodel was added per update, so that at one point CC2 won’t have any free 2016 models from toolbox.

(I’m not sure if anyone has suggested anything like that before, correct me if I’m wrong).


Yes I agree but I will miss old cc2 models

But the thing is that none are free models :skull:

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image image image image
absolutely bald claim


@tomato1 my bad

I did some research and you are right

I found a person who created the car who is not in the the cc2 team


Though it ain’t hard to put cc2 cars in the tool box, I have seen alot in the tool box.

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They are soon remodeling the 370z but probably in update 50

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yes it would be nice if they remodel the 370Z i mean it looked like this for years and i know at that time it wasnt easy to make a perfect car like they do it now

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it also would be nice if they make a new design and keep the old one so we can go back in the nostalgic past but also have a remodeled version

can we all agree that some models look very cc1-ish and ugly and they definitely need to be remodeled lol