Redesigned Track Creator Mode

This is a small reform of my content but I will tell you more about my idea.

In this mode, as I said in the last post about the Track Creator, there will be a specific button in the dealership and configuration tab.

However I didn’t show what it would look like in action so now I’ll show you what it would look like

Believe it or not, it took an hour to make a simple layout…

I also don’t want to let any noob who just joined the game do it, so it will cost 150 Coins.

I also think it would be cool if it did because we could also use our creativity and do various things like an off-road rally race or dirt track or also a race at the airport that isn’t a drag race, “I’m hoping for a race there. a long time…” do incredible things in this favorite game of mine.

Thanks for attending =)