Recent derby experience feels akwardly unusual

Recently, i have played again the demolitions arenas and i have noticed something quite odd. Every vehicle i played felt significally weaker. I would ram people at high speeds and they would get way less damage than they were supposed to. For example headcrashed this tier 1 with a tier 3 and it literally took like 3 parts of damage.(And also tier 2s and 3s are useless now). We all know that a player’s skill doesn’t matter when it comes to head on crashing. Also some times the enemy gets unexpectably one hit ko’d For instance, i and that crane guy was going in straight lines that were pararell and then i decided to steer right to hit him, and to my surprise, they literally got ko’d instanly, while the crane was like brand new in terms of health. Also, when i said that vehicles are weaker now, i meant in the durability aspect as well. you could just ram a wall at like 24km/h and lose half of your front. Final point is the lag, everyone is just more laggy and no, my wifi is fine as i didn’t used to have these issues a few months ago.Also If this was an improvement to physics, they still seem exactly the same.

Has anyone experienced what i said and if there’s something i got wrong? (Debate in comment section)



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exactly SAME

they changed physics :troll: