Rating your tank requests

I wanna see what tanks u wanna see in cc2

(Not a dev or anything just asking lol)


hmm I wanna see Panther leopard E100 BT7 with track mechanic nashorn hummel T34 T29 T95/T28 EBR 50tp IS7 obj279

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Interesting ideas

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me :kek:

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tsar tank

We already got a french tonk

Oh god no

Glorious A7V, Or Maybe The AC1 Sentinel

A7V would get wrecked easily but the sentinel could be an interesting one

I Am Aware The A7V Won’t Stand A Chance Against Most Of The Other Vehicles

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No sentinel its machine gun looks “weird”

Schwerer Gustav

but gustav uses rails

we have 3 (soon to be 4) german tanks

Ye but they can make it turn

make the ratte
maybe 200-300T?
we alr have the maus

ratte is way too large

Tony the Tank

Too many german

Not enough russian

there’s no russian tanks