Ramps from 2nd Floor to outside

Ramps could be added at the end of two rows so then it is easier to get down and outside to escape meltdowns and also to allow for new races to be added that involve the second floor. Even the race “Around the World” could be updated to add the second floor into it.

I even made a ‘diagram’ to show how the ramps could be added so they wouldn’t be too steep. They are basically like slip roads on motorways/highways. Also, so it makes sense, Black is for the bridges that are level with the 2nd Floor and Grey is for the ramps.



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This seems like a good idea

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no way it’s the guy from the giveaway with thousands of views


This was something I thought of myself when the update was proposed. Good thinking.

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This could be pretty cool if it actually gets added

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Another revive this is pretty cool