Ram Bar

Just something that is cheaper than the other attachments, and might look nicer. If you can, you should make the ram match the front of the car like-
This, there is the main ram that follows the grill of the car and then something that lightly covers the headlights, the Chiron for example, there will be something that covers the headlights but like a cage type thing, and then the main bar itself that follows the grill pattern, like, it would match how the iconic grill of the Bugatti but still protect it.

An even cheaper option is something like a police car ram bar. Like this:



double ram on policar car

Besides the police car

i would like that yeah

I had this in my mind to suggest, because as you might know, I’ve been making topics on police Interceptors which really need those ram bars, nice suggestion,hope this gets added in trello in more customizations list

Would be really nice for police cars tbh.

Isn’t it called a bull bar?

I didn’t know the actual or proper name in the time I made this suggestion.