Race servers

I think Race Servers should be added.

It’s going to be like Derby servers, except with racing.

It will seperate people based on what cars they have and their race classes. There will also be a option to join a server with player voting or not. Player voting is basically choosing who gets to choose the cars racing. There will be a max of 3 people choosing cars. The amount of choosers depends on the size of the server. There will be a max of 15 cars chosen, 5 cars each for 3 players, one chooses 8 and one chooses 7 for 2 players, and one can choose however much they want for 1, but the limit is still 15. Now don’t get me wrong, players still can choose as much as they want as long as it is under 5, 8, 15, or 7 cars. Players will have 60 seconds to choose. Players that are waiting for the other players to choose, they can explore the track and practice it.

If a player cannot afford any of the cars chosen, they can choose between the 2 cheapest cars. Players will still not be able to drive VIP cars if they dont have access and group cars if they aren’t in the group. If a player can’t drive a group or VIP car and the 2 cheapest are a VIP and/or a group car, they will be skipped and advanced to the cheapest normal car.

In the main servers, a player can make a list of what cars they will choose for a race, and save it. For example, they can make a list of 5 cars that includes cars that would make a great race together, like an Avanta Zeta LMA GT3, WVD Ion GT3, Cherevlo Carvatto C7, NM Visi GT, and Summit Katahdin. The minimum amount of cars is 5, and the maximum is 15. If they are choosing to make a list that is bigger than the amount of cars they are allowed to choose, random cars will be chosen from the list. Playerrs must put in 2 or more normal cars that do not require the player to be in the group or have VIP.

When the player is choosing cars, there will be a button of all the lists they made. It will be a button below the car selection, where the other buttons are, like exit, gamepasses, etc. The display of their lists of cars will be this: On the left side is the name of the list, for example, “Road Course Car Set 1” or “Bus Run”. On the right side is the cars for that list. The player will be able to scroll to see what cars there is, from side to side. There will be a line between each list so it doesn’t cause lots of confusion.

For noob, the race class is F to D. For medium, the race class is C to A. For pro, the race class is S and X.

There will be multiple tracks, including road courses, superspeedways, drag strips, ovals, etc. 2 will be for vote each race, with both tracks being unrelated in shape. For example, one of the tracks is a circuit, and the other is a drag strip.

There will also be a vote for if collision is on or off.

Then, a vote will be for how much laps are in.

If. they are in a player voting server, they will vote who can choose cars.

Then, they will choose what cars they will drive for a race.

There will be different prizes depending on how many drivers are racing, which server the player is in, and the amount of money and credits they have.

There will be a timer for each race. There will be a different timer for each track, because they are different in size. For example, a 2 mile superspeedway, like Talladega, will have a 7 minute timer for 5 laps, since it takes about 50 seconds for each lap at a 2 mile superspeedway going 190 MPH.

The player will have a 5 second timer if they skip a checkpoint or if they go backwards. If they fail to respawn or go the correct way in time, or if they continue to go backwards, they will be DQd and will have to spectate.

After a race, there will be rewards like the ones in Derbies, like the fastest speed reached, or the fastest lap time.

Don’t get me wrong, but races will still be in the main server.

There may be some things missing here, or some ideas that are not so good. Let me know and I’ll be glag to change whatever it is if a good idea! :slightly_smiling_face:

Edit 1: Performance upgrades can still apply to a car.


sounds good

did you mean 3

Nope, I meant 2.

theres actually a uaz


the van that is free

Yes, but I meant that if a player can’t afford any of the cars that was chosen to race for, they can choose between the 2 cheapest out of those cars.

oh. but like examplei willbeat a exr tregletra,tricera x100,exr extimo and a exo speeder

Then youd have to choose between the EXR and the Exo, since they are the cheapest out of them all.

what exr tho



I think it was suggested

revive cause this is actually cool

Sorry for a late response, but I would like to revive this! Not sure how though as I haven’t used these forums in a long time.