It’s set so you can’t see the channel without the pings, but personally, I don’t want to be pinged for every qotd, but I would like to respond to some of them. I think that should be removed.


I understand that you wouldn’t like daily pings from the channel, and I can understand having them on a constant daily thing is annoying as that’s a lot of pings - and considering you wouldn’t like to get all of the time I see where you are coming from.

The best fix to your problem is possible making the channels available to see like the rest of them. That way you can still view the channel, but if you don’t have the role you won’t get pinged. That way it should be able to be more friendly on the people who wanna contribute to the question in events chat, but don’t wish for the ping.

I will obviously need to speak to the administration regarding the changing of channel permissions, though for the looks of it, it’s nothing to much and won’t affect the server in any way.

TL;DR: I will speak to the administration about getting it viewable to the public. If there’s anything else you would suggest for ET, you are free to DM me!


I can do that if you want me to