Put bot in Derby mode

I want in the mode of Derby mode to have BOTS mode and you can make it the Ai easy or harder and it won’t be in training mode. It’s gonna be so good and easy and super better except you battling other players and keep losing and plus plus you can make it Jugganort is your turn until you get an easy achievement, and that should be allowed and added until the next update of this very map I want to go Super easy, because I’m the kind of guy to have fun with bots and I can get things I want easily please for God sake


Ah hell nah


Nope. Bad Idea


That will be hallarious if AI stands for

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Great idea!

They used to have AI in the 2022 Halloween Boss race


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very trash,will take the fun away


There’s not any good reason to add something that isn’t necessary,

because number 1,
Its a useless feature that barely effects the game in a positive, since derby is meant to be competitive, making it easier would be demeaning derby basically.

Number 2,
Creating an AI path finding would probably be really buggy and probably lag really hard, which can also cause it to hit you while they aren’t near you (which is an issue already but with a bunch of Robots doing it, it’s gonna be worse)

Number 3,
It’s just not gonna effect the game, it’s not really gonna change anything if you place a bunch of robots in a match, it might actually be a way for leaderboard players to « cheat » per say, since it would rather limit how many real players can join. And if not, it would be overcapacity in the server causing lag spikes and buggy responses.

Keep in mind that this is just what I would assume would be the case (since ai in roblox isn’t really the greatest) and it would be difficult to make all vehicles scripted accordingly to how they perform. None of this comes from someone who actually knows how AI scripting can be done but I have seen it and it’s not that good. So it’s honestly better to just deal with the skill issue :person_shrugging:. (I didn’t realize this was back in July lol, saw the thing as a new post :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:)

Players would not get any cash prize and there won’t be a leaderboard.

Well then that ruins the point of derby? Would it not? The point is to have another way to make money other then crushers (imo)

I meant that if you had bots in the server you wouldn’t get cash or credit prizes

So what would be the point? Just because you add a feature, there needs to be a use.
Having bots would just be a waste of space.
If I joined a derby game it’s mostly for getting more money and credits

then what is the point of them then

So that way players wouldn’t use it to grind money and credits and it tells them to go join an actual server instead.

I think it would work best if bots was a private server only thing, and it’s a single player only thing as well

there’s no rewards for this mode, it’s just more of a sandbox game mode if I were to implement this

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