Post wrong answer only

How to play: someone posts picture of something and you need to say what is that with a wrong answer only. After that you post the picture and wait for response.

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whats that?


A vintage disposable roomba. Just need to put out the ring, and it’ll automatically clean out everything in 50 foot radius.

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what car is this


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what animal is this?

Holy crap it’s copper ignot

this is a copper block

its a firecracker

What’s this? I think its a cat but im not sure

Big Floppa

can someone tell me what this is

looks like an AS-VAL but im not sure

it’s a futuristic laser gun

what do you guys think this is, I think this is my friend’s tuned Toyota Supra with a very interesting bodykit on it

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Nah bro that’s a vapid bullet

no its a plane

looks like a genesis with a stance bodykit

Its a turd.

Hope answer the question wrongly.

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What kind of of car is this, I can’t figure it out

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it’s a flamethrower

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