Please change the premium crushers pass to a rank like VIP

As i said above please change it to a rank instead of a pass because i think it just does not make sense for it to cost 65 robux more than VIP yet only get 6 chrushers. I was thinking that it would make more sense for it to be like a rank above VIP where you would get all the VIP perks along with the 6 extra chrushers and mayby just make the pass a bit more expensive like 200-220 robux instead of 190.

I could not find anything else like this sobi dont think that there is another post about this.

Sorry if bad english,


alternatively just swap the prices around because vip is worth more than 125 robux


I would still say that premium is not worth 125 robux

Maybe like 90-100


maybe they could make premium exclusive cars?

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I love using chruchers