Planning to return limited-time exclusive vehicles? I've got a little problem

I hope this is the original post because I didn’t research enough to see if there are any original posts about “Renaming Bug”
! Also read the last part of this post before reading the whole post !

Anyways, if CC2 developers ever plan to return some vehicles that can be bought from MP, Make it at least 1.5x more expensive and have special customization for those first-time owners

what I mean by first-time owners are the people who bought the vehicle when it first came to the shop or got it from doing limited-time tasks.

I like the return of Skull Rattler V12 commonly called Hot Rod, with the ridiculous amount of MP because it used to be a task car.

but we didn’t get anything special for the efforts we made last year as the player can buy it and can’t tell whether you got it last year or you bought it recently.

Also, it ruins the exclusivity of the vehicle too

My suggestion is as I’ve already said, Make it 1.5x more expensive and most importantly. Special customizations for the first-time owners. and it kinda saves the exclusivity a bit of the vehicle


Let’s say you returned Ferrari Testarossa or Fierra Tatossi

Its original price was 250 MP
and the returned price is now 375 MP (I hope my math is right)

sure, it may sound expensive and p2w. but you can increase the time before it goes off-sale again, and since codes are a thing in CC2 now. We can use the codes to boost a bit of progress

And to those who bought it when it first came out, you gotta give us custom wraps, or custom rims, or custom spoilers, or even custom colors :)

sure, it’s a bit unfair to those who forgot to buy it, or players who have been collecting exclusive vehicles recently, or players who wanted it badly but missed it because they don’t have enough time to buy it

but they can finally get to enjoy having an exclusive car that they want to collect for a long time

(While I was looking “Your topic is similar to…” I found a post called “Make limited vehicles from the past available again sometime in the future” and “More time to get limited vehicle”. Well it does look like the same in some parts of my suggestion, but I mainly talked about adding some special customizations to the first-time owners and making it 1.5x more expensive and some problems of returning the vehicle)


boss master title would like to have a word with you

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To be fair, Boss Master title is good reward. but still, it’s not enough to fix the Hot Rods problem…

And its just a title, so. Who uses that? lul

And also, how do you convince that you got it last year when you don’t have the title? lmao