Phishing links auto filter

About the phishing links going around CC2 and other server, wouldn’t be something like an filter that automatically runs links posted through programs, such as VirusTotal or similar be an option?

How would it work you may ask, so let me explain.
Let‘s take VirusTotal for example.

A bot would automatically copy every link posted within the CC2 Discord server and paste it into the VirusTotal program which then will search for Security vendors and if some are found it would automatically delete the message containing the link and also notify the moderators to take further actions once it‘s been deleted.

Now, why would you want to use this instead of other filters?
Well, most of the moderation bots phishing links filters requires operators to paste unknown malicious links into the system, whilst the filter I named above would work automatically without that.

The bot also maybe could given the ability to then also paste these links into the moderation bot‘s filters.



We already use a number of measures to combat phishing links, the truth is that the speed of which new links are created means VirusTotal will most likely not detect them quick enough.

We haven’t seen any phishing links get past our array of measures in quite some time so I do not believe that this is needed, if this situation changes, we may consider alternatives.


VirusTotal can false report viruses

I‘ve used it as an example only.