Peugeot RC Diamonds

Peugeot RC
Top Speed: around 190 or something idk
Group Vehicle
Price: 700 million As it is a concept
Race Class: S


stop replying with “brOs SUgGesTiNg AlL ToP DRiVeS caRs” its not funny and i dont even know these cars from top drives

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bro didn’t do his research :skull:

dude i dont spend 24 hours on top drives or something. You aren’t funny. I just look at a car and make reasonable stats

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pretty cool :⁠-⁠D


Well if your gonna do stats do it right at least

dude, at least im not like snawder where he would make a track car go 345 mph, i make it much more reasonable, dang

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Ah so your judging a car by its cover ic

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ye, i then make reasonable stats, then sometimes (more like rarely)
I dont do that and get the stats from top drives.

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