Parts earned in Tank Battle are apparently counted as "parts earned during Juggernaut as Attacker"

Bug Description:
All the parts earned from Tank Battle Gamemode are counted as “Parts earned during Juggernaut as Attacker”, although do take note that a Juggernaut Gamemode happened and I was an Attacker during that time, so I have no clear idea if it was because of that or just the game actually counts Parts earned from Tank Battle as Parts earned during Juggernaut as Attacker. There’s no way I can confirm this either since I’ve finished the mission already, although feel free to test this out.

Bug Frequency:
Always, although this has only occured once, and I can’t confirm any further since I’ve finished the mission

Reproduction Steps:

  1. Track the “Earn 150 Parts during’Juggernaut’ as Attacker” Mission under the Master of Gamemodes assignment
  2. Wait for a Tank Battle Gamemode to Commence
  3. Shoot/Knock other tanks

Roblox Username:


This happens with other missions as well. For example, I ended up completing both “Obtain 15 KOs as Juggernaut” and “Win a Juggernaut round with the FT-6 Super Drill” in a Team Domination match.