Oversized Trailer Loads (Because of the potential mega-vehicles)

With semi trucks only you can equip trailers that can haul oversized and even massive things, which you can get if you have the future 4th mastery that mega vehicles will also be in, as well as a certain amount of money for them depending on the trailer.

Hear are a few “mega” examples:

Some tone down ones:


And I am putting this separate because this might be more complicated, but hauling big vehicles (mostly ones already in game):

This is mostly in reference to the popular trailers for vehicles (a big one) suggestion in which I feel like this suggestion I am making is my add-on to the trailer suggestion.


the first thing that came to my mind when i looked at this pic was breaking bad


Just realized that I don’t think oversized trailers will be come to the game anytime soon.

for starters some crushers aren’t big enough to fit any of these in there too long

especially if you spawn near the entrance when trying to go outside the facility. (Imagen you want to make a U-Turn outside but, your trailer is too long to even go outside)

On the roads you can definitely do RP’s of transporting such stuff, but not in the facility.

and imagen trying to transport some of these large loads onto the long bridge,

the entrance to the bridges are too small for these big loads if your willing to go on the highway/bridge.

One last thing. in the dealership, there’s only a certain size the vehicles can fit into. the same with the garage too. (One of the trucks is already is oversized in this dealership)

Safe to say that these type of vehicle/trailers aren’t coming to the game at all.


L read this pessimist be happy :smiley:

The map might get a good remodel for huge stuff and a second floor is coming for huge vehicles apparently so pls do research and don’t make paragraphs we are very smort


The crushers should supposedly not be a problem in “an upcoming update” but you have a point with the rest, because it was not stated that the rest of the facility will be modified in Panwellz’s announcement.





A pond now seeing the post before even seeing you post about this, well now the minded mind has changed. Also seems like the dealership and garage are gonna go/get bigger.

Woops, looks like I was wrong, how clumsy of me: Stanley Parable Narrator


So when are mega vehicles coming?

probably with the second floor

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I hope airplanes are soon too but they’re probably not

They’re on the trello for the most part, and there was hype about that, but the time it comes is going to a long while no doubt about it.

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What’s the yellow mean

Shit man, I forgot

Minor spelling error :cool:

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I think I meant Trello.

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Ahh ok that makes sense :xdd:


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