Obliterator gamepass

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so the obliterator gamepass is like the rocket launcher but instead it obliterates bigger cars and others around you… …lets say 10 ft… …or a size… …(idk how big)… but it obliterates giant cars and others around you in one hit… …rocket launcher takes more shots to destroy giant cars and the obliterator is one shot… …there is the blaster but the obliterator is portable… …this probably wont happen because of lag but its still a good idea to add it… …if u want to

so like a anti tank launcher?

anti tank launcher?

do you not know what an anti tank launcher is?

what is it?

Man-portable anti-tank systems are shoulder-launched anti-tank rockets. They are typically unguided weapons and are a threat to armored vehicles, low-flying aircraft (especially helicopters), and field fortifications. (i got that won from the internet.)

i guess so… …idk

That would need to be like 1.2K-1.5K Robux then cause the rocket launcher itself is 750 robux. Maybe another gamepass would be different ammo for the rocket launcher going from 200 to 400 robux and then there is explosion ammo fire ammo cluster ammo etc and that could do more damage.