Nuclear car&booster bug

Can the bug be found among the known bugs in the trello Trello? If so, upvote it there instead!

What is the bug?
Answer:nuclear car&booster bug

How often does the bug happen? (Everytime, sometimes or rarely)

What device did you play on? (Computer, Phone, Tablet or Xbox)

What steps do you need to take for it to happen? List them in very high detail:
1.Equip the booster on the nuclear car.
2.Press the self-destruct button and enable the button to use the booster

Is the bug related to GUI/Interface on the screen? Or did the bug only appear for you? Check yes if the bug didn’t happen for everyone in the server at the same time.
Yes/No:No,everyone appear

If yes, screenshot all red and yellow text in the developer console and post it here. (Open console by pressing F9 on computer, or by saying /Console in the chat)

**Roblox username:dragon364835


I don’t know if it’s a bug, but I definitely hate it

tf is a nuclear car???

It’s not a bug, you can do it in about every car :megaxd:

this kid is like 10 yrs old

Yes I agree

Then don’t do it :megaxd:

“MooM gIve me YoUr PhOne I WANNA pLaY Cc2 WAaaaaA”


Though someone should close this.

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don’t care + bill nye

What? Also please don’t go off topic

this isn’t to you, i don’t care about the bug because you can do it on any car


dude, you do realize you ain’t mod

Since when did I say I was a mod?

never mind