Notice of potential disruption to Twitter services

I’m sure you all saw this coming but for those that didn’t:

Elon the geniusn’t has done his thing to Twitter, and our API (login / link previews) usage will most likely require payment. Depending on how much we are asked to pay, we may instead choose to remove Twitter Sign-In entirely, along with link previews. Please connect another social account now or set a password if Twitter is your only login method.


Ok well Elon is finally getting around to suspending legacy apps and they want $100 a month to embed tweets :skull:

Log in with twitter might stay depending on if we can keep v1 api access (v2 currently does not allow user email access) but if that doesn’t happen you can say goodbye to sign in with twitter.

Twitter HQ leaked MRI scan:

yes let’s charge for embeds and lose money genius idea