New Interior Customization

Basically, your new car has the default interior, but later on, you can choose to use your scraps on a new interior for the car (or it could be free). So basically, I can exchange the interior of the double-decker bus for what’s more like an RV. The same goes for every other car. You can change the seats, the layout, and even add more furnishing! For example, in my Limac Town Stretch, I could add some plants or new seats instead of sofas or vice versa. It could be fun to have every car become what you like, and not what the developer permanently sets the car to be at. Also, the seats and the layout doesn’t change the number of parts you get, so people cant grind parts for a new crusher or something like that. It could be a nice addition as it allows more freedom of car-customization.


makin my peel have a thrust ssc interior and making my thrust ssc have a peel interior
makes total sense

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