New Game suggestion: Urban Fantasy RP but the world’s in danger

The premise of this is simple. It is an urban fantasy RP complete with vampires and werewolves and even some fantasy races, but the world that the players are in is about to end in 72 real time minutes and the players must either roleplay until the apocalypse happens or find out the cause and prevent the end of the world. These causes can range from something scarily possible, like an ICBM strike to something that only exists in fantasy, such as the moon crashing down to earth.

Every minute is 1 in game hour. Will you play your character until the end or will you work against the clock to save the world?

So, the game will save your rp name, your bio, and such, but any items you get will be reset once the apocalypse happens. It is possible to prevent the end by going to multiple dungeons across the world and beating them. It will be announced which party beat what dungeon.

It is best to think of this game as a “Roleplay game but your world is gonna go boom.”



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Also: There will be a separate server without the threat of world annihilation for roleplay and dungeon practice, but if you want the main experience, then join the regular server.

Events include

The darkness. It is coming and will swallow everything, clouding them in freezing cold air that darkens the world as the sun begins to die. It is a heat death of the solar system.

EMP Sat. Whatever was out there found your world too advanced, and just detonated a nuke in space, causing all electronics in the world to be rendered obsolete as anything with an electronic pulse explodes, and the law begins to crumble…

Moon Falling. The moon, somehow, hates orbiting for so long and takes revenge on everyone below, and comes up close to the earth to ensure everyone meets with a terrible fate.

Nerve Gas. Something from space hates humanity’s guts and launches toxic gas into the atmosphere of the planet, letting those who have had the privilege of breathing oxygen to choke. Best to take cover…

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Ever felt sick of those rp games on roblox where tension is lacking and time is too long as everything feels so boring? Well, that is this game pretty much. As the clock ticks, anxiety is only gonna keep flaring. During the last seconds of a day, bells are heard as they tick down from 5, and then transition to the next day.

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I think we found the person who offered to have that chip thing inserted into their brain

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