New discord bot that utilizes the Text to Image API on the CC2 Discord

Text to Image uses Machine learning to create images based on text, that look good. This can be just like the /tenor or /giphy slash commands and can produce hilarious results when putting something random in it. When you enter text, it sort of mashes images relevant to words in the text and makes it look natural, and as stated before, can make for some really funny pictures. That is why I think the CC2 discord should have a bot that does this. The API is here → “Text To Image API | DeepAI” and they also have a discord which could be useful.


Do you know a bot that can do this?


I asked around in their discord server and they do have a bot that does this. Here is the bot → “Discord” It’s called SalvoBot and is an implementation of their api. It’s not provided or supported by DeepAI but it is used in their discord server.

the bot sucks, it cant even make a decent image. the bot can only generate images of dogs and spiders. is there ANY OTHER BOT OUT THERE???