New Derby Gamemode: Dodge Ball

We can all agree that snow ball fight could have been done better. Its basically a reskin of tdom with weak snowballs that do next to nothing. So how about Remastering it, and make actually make sense to have outside of winter time, and not copy another mode? Me and another Chatter on discord thought of…

Dodge Ball!

The server will be split into 2 teams, Red and Blue and will spawn in a special dodge ball court map. Both teams must throw Boulders at each other until 1 team is FULLY eliminated!

(if you can, add an actual Dodge Ball powerup! or just recolor the boulders.)
(I picture the Dodge Ball court being in a park or a Basketball style arena with a dodge ball court in the middle of it!)


Boulder/“Dodge Ball?” powerups will spawn frequently and you must pick them up to collect boulders. (Similar to actual dodge ball.)

You must throw boulders at the enemy team to eliminate them.

You have 3:00 to eliminate the Enemy team. If the enemy team is wiped out or whichever team has the most players by the end will win. if its a tie by player count then which ever team has most score wins.

Player collision with your teammates is enabled.
(disabled if you think this might be a little unbalanced)

You have 1 life and cannot respawn once out!


Tier 1s ONLY. (Tier 2s and Tier 3s would be unfit for this mode.)

If your car is destroyed you are out.

You are out if you cross the line in the middle of the court
(like actual dodge ball)

Last team standing wins!

Accolades Concepts:

Most Outs!
Quickest/First Out!
Most Boulders/Balls thrown!
Best Dodger! (most distance traveled)

Arena Information:

The arena is a completely OPEN AND FLAT Small to Mid sized arena.

The court itself is surrounded by a fence to prevent projectiles from leaving the court.

Small marked areas can be on the court to indicate where boulders spawn.

A large line is in the middle of the court to indicate the border between both sides. if you cross it you explode!

When your eliminated you can walk around the entire court and watch as you’re team or the enemy team obliterate each other with boulders!


E7.04 (me): Most of the Gameplay, Accolade, and Map concepts.
doomslayer6969: The original idea of the Dodge Ball game mode and Rules.

I would really like some feedback on this if there is anything i can alter to make it better.


this is basically snowball fight reskinned


Post updated to the idea of replacing snowball fight instead of being a new stand alone mode. Thank you STR for the idea!