New demolition garage for 350K parts

There could be new demolition maps in car crushers, for example for 300,000 parts, there would be five of them, so the car crushers arena would expand :) what demolitions would be there
1 your car would drive in front and a deer would run at you from the left side, which would completely destroy the car
2 a small immobile crane would hold a large iron cube at a low height which would lower onto the car when activated
3 lasers from star wars
4 a tornado that would cause the activation to completely destroy the car
5 the longest road leading down the hill would be so long that even a car for $ 0 would reach a speed of 390mph so the car that drives 1000mph in the game would double or even triple its speed


Very low chances of this being added, I don’t think Panwellz will be adding any new crushers soon and we still have crushers you can unlock with parts so the whole new island would just create lag since the map is already quite large.



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