New channel: Art Center

So I was creating some art on my phone and I want to share this to everybody. But I got muted after all.

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Honestly, not a bad idea. May be implemented in future, for now you can upload any art into #fun_chat as that’s where you will have image permissions.

It’s about this

And I got a warn about copypasta

That would qualify as a Copypasta since its often spread around as ASCII art.

I don’t spam or copy pasta or anything I just post a lot of art really consistently when I get new art and everything and I kind of wear out the new part about it
hopefully they do add an art channel because I kind of feel like I get left out of a bunch of recognition when it just gets spammed or someone’s goofing off with memes and the art just scrolls up and goes off the screen

What I’m saying is an art channel would be very helpful