New Bugatti Model found it on news

NAME: New Bugatti Model


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Description: There’s a massive roof scoop that likely feeds the quad-turbo 8.0-liter W16 engine sitting behind the cabin. The camouflage makes it difficult to tell for sure, though it looks like the car’s side has several intakes, vents, and other angular design elements.However, it’s the rear that looks the wildest, and we don’t have a good picture of that.The rear is like the front – pointed. The shark fin on the roof cuts through to the rear, appearing to connect with the wing connected to the outside of the rear fenders. The X-shaped taillights appear to be drawing attention to the massive quad tailpipe. Sitting below all that is a massive diffuser. The wild aesthetics make sense if previous reports are true that this is a one-off track car that Bugatti is building.

I merly copy and pasted this The new model, which doesn’t yet have a name, will allegedly make the same 1,578 horsepower (1,177 kilowatts) as the [Centodieci] and the [Chiron Super Sport 300+].Rumors suggest Bugatti will reveal it before the end of the month, which is soon. It comes at a time when questions continue to swirl about the company’s future

This is the same car as the teaser I shared on the forum a couple of days ago.

This is very interesting in my opinion.

I think it is a one-off track machine to face off against cars like the Lamborghini Essenza SCV12.

looks like the porshe 917 and a bugatti la voiture had colided together and formed a bugatti lemans car

Is it just me, or do people that like Bugatti eventually start liking Koenigsegg? Because now I’m starting to like Koenigsegg more.
Not that this model has disappointed me, it does look nice, I’m just saying.

2nd model development has been halted apparently. And it might not have been an SUV.

Yelp, we know what this is now lol

Thats a bolide

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