My suggestions for handling quitting/failing to finish races

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I have a suggestion or two regarding race conclusions.

The main one is that I think players who fail to finish races when results are decided should automatically earn some kind of reward for participating. In server-announced races, this could be the FREE rewards (6th place and below). In player-organized races, there could be a 4th token reward slot reserved for players whose final placements are lower than 3rd or DNF. Earning a reward even when not finishing would still require at least being IN the race when the results are decided, so quitting wouldn’t count.

Speaking of quitting, I think the “Leaving Race” menu should have the “Go Back/Respawn” button in the same centered position as the “Go Back” button that appears in a “Checkpoint Missed” scenario, with the “Quit” button below it. This should reduce the chance of accidentally quitting because the desired button moved.