My guess for update 50 (besides facility update [possible but might not be likely])

Here’s my update log for update 50 if facility isn’t added:
Added 16 new cars (can’t list them all but I will list some): 2024 Kia Seltos, 2024 Nissan GTR (Remodel of Nissan GTR), 2024 Lincoln Nautilus, 2023 Smart 1 (Replaces Sokudo Triple), 2020 Polestar 1 (replaces LT 130), 1981 Dodge Ram D100, Oldsmobile Aerotech 1 Concept, 2002 Oldsmobile Silhouette (Replaces Avanta Overlander), Jaguar XJ220, and more.
Added a 2nd floor to the facility.
Removed the Avanta Eclipse (Replaced by 2024 Lincoln Nautilus)
Added trucking jobs to earn Credits, Money, Boosters, and even Exclusive cars.
Added 2 new Limiteds: DS 7 2023, and 2021 DS 9.
Added 1 new map to derby arenas, Neighborhood (connects to the city map)
Added an option to choose between thumb stick and mobile controls.
Added an option for AI to appear in certain races
And there is a long way to go for this post (note: cars listed here might or might not get added to the game this is just a speculation of what could happen)


i would make my car guesses based on recent leaks like the shelby gt350


You cannot replace a sports car with a SUV


Added cars
Banana car D class
Scion Im Concept B class
Bmw M3 B class
Shelby Gt500 A class
458 Gt3 A Class
Panoz Abruzzi S class
Panoz Esperante Gtr1 Hybrid S class
Gillet Vertigo Limited Exclusive A class
Corvette C6 R GT1 Racing champion A Class

Removed wvd ion Gt3 replaced with 458
Remodeled f355 and GTR

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what do you mean

Very cool ideas here, I especially like the idea of having trucking jobs. But why remove the Avanta Eclipse?

Blocky, self explanatory.

maybe they will archive it

Or they will remove it because blocky

archiving and removing is almost the same

Except archiving keeps it in the game.
I’m glad they didn’t remove it and are keeping it for certain players.

Zil 130 ClassE (Most likey not added :sadcat:)
Banana car ClassE or ClassD
Shockware Jet Truck - ClassX
Audi PB18 E Tron - ClassA
Shelby GT500 - ClassA or ClassS
Lo-Res Car - ClassF
Slag Pot carrier- ClassF

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shelby gt350 is a possibility

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Yeah ik

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Thought it was the gt500

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one of them, forgot which model

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If update 50-55 have remodels
Peel P50
Mercedes G-Wagon
Morris Mini
UAZ 425
Lexus IS300
Volkswagen Kubelwagen

the peel wasn’t a free model

Toyota Pod (ugly version)
Lamborghini aventador huracan revuelto thing
Audi pb18 e tron
Toilet truck
Jet truck
Charger glhs