More Events!

Hello there, this is anx! (anx#4624) and I’m suggesting the staff to make more events like the Christmas one. Like maybe every 2-3 weeks or maybe even each month. The prize could be absolutely random (like an Events Winner role for each event and maybe a rare event that happens at special days “Rare Event Winner” role) with like 2.5 million Dank Memer Coins or I don’t know like Nitro Classic or Nitro or VIP MEE6 or something like that. This is another way to make the server more active and possibly bring more members. Also the events could be like (Car Crushers 2 pictures/videos/gif only game and any game on Roblox pictures/videos/gif). Oh you can also if you want make like an art comp, most creative idea to what you want to be comp, any picture irl comp, ect.

The reason why I’m suggesting this is because from the christmas comp, okay it wasn’t as many people (maybe like 100 or so) but it’s a good start but the people who participated it must of liked the event and me personally I think this is the best way to make members happier!

Thanks for reading, just remember this is my opinion!


Thank you for the suggestions, I’ll discuss these in time with the rest of the team!


I’m up for it

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i don’t think the server has dank memer

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Damnn thanks! I’m shook you all did it!

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