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You see, I am mad that we get tons of car updates but we never get any map updates! It may be possible to do this if you cull out some areas, too.

Here are some areas. Locations yet to be chosen.

A canyon that is below the surface of the ocean. This is perfect for jumps across, like what many stuntmen would do. The top of the canyon rises slightly above the city, with red and orange cliffs leading to a dried up river at the very bottom. Crashing may end up being easy, especially if the car tumbles to the bottom.

Lore: The canyon actually existed longer than the whole entire island.

Based off the Icelandic geological wonders, this salt flat has many geysers underneath the surface that will erupt randomly, flinging any unlucky cars up into the air and damaging the bottom from the amount of pressure.

A race event will be held that goes through the field and out towards Row 2. Reaction time will be crucial.

Lore: Only half of the geysers are manmade from the steam and chemicals that are irrigated to the facility to power the crushers. This is where they get the acid and lava from.
Multiple tunnels of dross that lie beneath the energy core. It may be fun to race through each of the pipes and waterways… but do not forget the dangers of the purification cogs, the many cliffs, and the realization of what is in the water.

A race will take place starting in an antechamber, going through 8 large tunnels, briefly shooting above the surface, into a storm drain that will lead back underground, into more tunnels, ending back at the antechamber.

Lore: Its not the type of sewer you expect. It is actually a purification plant for a ton of the water featured in some of the crushers. Acid, calcium, and fridge gas may pollute the water so this is one of the ways to clean it all out.

Slippery salt flats that float above the sea water. As barren as a desert, slippery as ice, and as dusty as dried mud, this environment might be fun to drive through…

A race will take place that goes around the edge of the salt flats.

Lore: These salt flats are completely natural, as the island is in the middle of the saltiest part of the Pacific Ocean. Before the CC2 facility was built, the area was originally a salt mine.

A stone quarry that burrows deep into the ground. It is fun to crash down into the bottom or race safely.

An event will take place where one must race to the bottom as safely and as fast as possible. Getting to the bottom in under 30 seconds without getting damaged will grant you the “Safe Cave Diver” Achievment as well as granting you a minecart.

Lore: The materials to build the facility came from here!

The old CC1 Facility makes a cameo as an abandoned building redesigned for indoor races and nostalgia. A race event will take place here and only a few of the crushers will be able to work.

Lore: This is the original facility and the one we see in CC1 is actually a copy.

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The sewer part I don’t like

I hate the part you added at the end

Sewer is literally stunt park but longer

I know but do you see what he said realization of what’s in the water


That was a bug

And the water is full of….


Yeah, its not actually a sewer! Its calcium deposits!

The sewer actually filters the water going out to the sea underground, and all the filtering leads you to getting calcium caught everywhere.

It is not poop, I am not Edmund McMillan.

And underground, too.

Dont worry, I edited it.

Ok phew my anxiety didn’t like that