More add-on utility [CC2 Suggestions]

As more customization is already planned for the game, said customization should definitely focus on vehicle add-ons as most cars can only use a metal plow or spend money for a jet to give off that “fighter” look

Other than robux only add-ons there could possibly be credit only add ons, or 1k + scrap add ons, all about offense and defense, such as scrap metal armor, rally parts, spiked wheels, spiky car sides, armored windows (metallic cage?) and small guns even. Just looking up at a classic “post apocalyptic armored car” can give off the idea.

Any sort of customization that makes your car look rough and battle-ready (even if it’s the Peel 50…) should be possible! and when a player makes their car for PVP it shows that, that specific car is ready to fight!


probably no, it’s overpowered in Derby