Monthly Limited Cars

I think this would be a pretty cool idea. Let me explain.
Basically, Once a month there will be a limited car you could get, but you need to complete goals to retrieve those cars. Such as, survive 10 facility explosions or get 1st place 5 times in the Derby Arena. These cars won’t be ordinary. Each will be unique. Here are some examples that I thought of:
Skyline R34 Police Car

Koenigsegg CC Prototype
Ferrari 250 GTO SWB Breadvan

If you miss out on the event, you could still get the cars, but for Robux. I would say 100 to 150 Robux would be fair. I think 1 month should be a good amount of time for devs to properly 3d model and program the car.


n o sorry but… just no


cool but, for people that are new to the game might have a harder time getting these


hmmmmm i would say no but this is a good idea for people who are pro/rich


This looks like an ok idea tbh

the r34 police car looks cool tho

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i got the R34 police car sheel for my RC Drift Car lol

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Did I inspire this to happen or predict it? Lol

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I guess that might work but I like to have cars I know about

yes but people that dont have that much time to get monthly vehicles wont get to drive the well known vehicles, thats the point

I don’t know about this.

You predicted it :exploding_head:

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