Mission points pop up comes for every mission i complete for update 56 event

Hello, I found a bug when i finished a mission from update update 56 event that everytime when i finish a mission this pop up for getting 40mp but this for every quest i finished and i didnt get any points. I played on the pc when this happened the first time. I didnt know if its just for me. Sadly i dont have a screenshot bc it came so fast




I had another bug in the easter hunt thats the same i make a screenshot when it happens again i always get pop ups from mission points and new wheels and that i got the new car without a break but like i said i sent it to you when it happens again

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Here are some of the screenshots. I made all these in one egg rain

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interesting bug

i experienced this bug too

Short explination:
This bug is that you get a MP Pop-Up everytime you complete a quest, but there was no MP prize and you don’t get MP after the pop-up

Username: SuperMustafaUyar003

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Happened to me with the limited car instead

Bascially after earning the car, it would continually pop up on screen as if i had earnt it again after completing more of the missions

Username: LOLmrrobloxianepic

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yeah I saw your post here: Egg hunt bug - Bugs / CC2 Bugs - Car Crushers Forum (ccdiscussion.com)

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