Mission point value increase?

So there could be a limited time car shop where all limited cars would be after their time expiration. The cars that would be there will cost 150% of its original price (If the car would cost 200 Mp the new price would be 350 Mp

PS.This can be closed ONLY in emergency situation like if this gets out of hand and this won’t be even added to game cus Stuednts like me that have school won’t get the cars so it would be useful (this is just a suggestion so its proboably not going into the game (unless this gets popular))


150% of 200 is 300 not 350

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i didn’t see that

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bro why the half-day revives
you kinda remind me of turbo with the caparo t1

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carcrusher1 ima rename this to mp suggestion

bro… read the description

well its about mission points duh
why else would i rename it

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