Mission Hub Streak Reward Issue

Bug Description:
I currently am on my 3rd day of Streak according to the progress bar below, however there are some issues that are pretty weird:

  • The Reward for finishing the mission shows up as 15Mp instead of the 2x Money Booster (10m)
  • The Day 3 Reward shows up as checked

Bug Frequency:


Reproduction Steps:
I wish I could provide this but this is something I did not expect to show up

Roblox Username:

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Is this what you were referring to?

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well, it should be

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Hey this happened to me too

yeah, its always bugged me that that has always happened, i was just lazy to report this (and ive been demotivated after server issues on halloween prematurely killed my streak)

Aand now it’s saying I got 15 mp instead of a booster

refer to the reply i made with the image

Yes exactly what happened to me