Mcgaden MO6/7F

NAME: McLaren MP4/5B


Top speed: 207 mph (Closest thing I could find)
0-60: 3.2 seconds (Closest thing I could find)
Handling: Probably in the 18-19 Range
Braking: 17-18 Range
Derby stats:
Attack score: 117
Defense score: 85
With plow:
Attack score: 125
Defense score: 91
Upgraded stats:
Top speed (gear ratio 100%): probably over 280 miles per hour
Acceleration: 0-60 in 2.6 seconds
Handling: 18-19 Range with a different spoiler
Braking: 17-18 range as it is
Race class: 98 S without upgrades but with upgrades is 101 X.



two small gripes i have with your posts is that

  1. you put the fictional names in the title instead of the post itself, i would’ve put it in the “name:” section next to the real name and put the real name in the title
  2. said names don’t necessarily sound all too great, if i were to name for example the mclaren solus gt, i would’ve named it the (in game brand name) solace GRX to keep the ring in the name, and in the more “specification” based part of the name (that being gt, grand touring), i would use GRX, standing for Group X, which is the class name jn gran turismo, which the original version of the solus (mclaren vision gt) came from. If it was a more technical name like let’s say the Ferrari 288 GTO, i would once again put the ingame brand name in, and change it to the 114 GTH, the 114 deriving from the car’s type number (f114), and GTH just being an english retranslation of GTO (gran turismo omologata)
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