Mastery 3 bugged

I recently reached the 980b mark and reached mastery 3. I went to complete it like all other masteries but when I went to track the tasks, the option to do so did not show up, then I noticed that as I was doing what the missions required, the progress would not go up. Because of this I can’t progress any further in the game and I’m stuck at the mastery 3 barrier. Yes I have tried resetting my character and restarting my game.

I was playing on Xbox and even tried it on my phone but the mastery was still bugged. This might be a problem with the two plataforms because I tried doing the tasks on my computer and it worked fine.



what are the tasks that you are supposed to be doing?
also this goes in #bugs:cc2-bugs


Get Derby points with certain vehicles and get parts from crushers, also thanks I was looking for that page.


hmm… have you used bonus crushers for the parts?