Map Expansion

I know there are lots of other map expansions suggestions but the one I want is a little different.
Instead of adding new islands we should make the area around the runway look nice.

The color in red is where I think land should be but let me explain. I think the area around the runway looks ugly it just a big line of concrete with only the ocean surrounding it. I think if we add land around the runway it would look a lot nicer and adds lot to explore. This is where other suggestions would come in like barns (they don’t need to have cars in them) and I think a actual racetrack and/or a forest with a dirt road going through would be amazing (Forza Horizon 5 reference). Thanks for reading and considering!


Btw there is another half of the runway I didn’t screen shot but that should have land too if you didn’t get from my main post. And the other side of the runway (the side not connected to land) Could stay the same or they could add a little scenery.


What I was thinking was a rocky mountain and an Appalacian mountain go up and down with the cars. Maybe even put the old Volcano Pit in one of the summits.


I think should put all the old crushers they replace some where hidden in the map



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