Make the new cc2 physics update an optional feature

The new physics update does indeed make the crushers look better, HOWEVER it made basically the best free to play crushers literally shit now when it comes to actually destroying a vehicle.

Before physics update:
2023-09-16 15-31-55.mkv (5.5 MB)
2023-09-16 15-33-28.mkv (6.5 MB)

After physics update:
2023-09-16 15-36-12.mkv (11.8 MB)
2023-09-16 15-38-45.mkv (19.2 MB)

Both of these free-to-play crushers used to destroy all parts of a vehicle pretty easily, now they don’t even destroy 1/5 of all the parts of a vehicle unless you press the activate crusher button multiple times. Which is frustrating for free to play players, considering that pay to win crushers such as super blaster, blackhole and minigun stayed as awesome as it has always been without any updates affecting them whatsoever.

So please, as fun it is to watch the new physics, make it an optional feature only that is turned on by default, so that we can turn it off if we want to and have the old physics back if we want to actually destroy vehicles and be able to grind. Because otherwise there will barely ever be any free to play master crusher.


yes but it also made the spinners and stuff like the death slope ACTUALLY good and useable.

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yea death slope is cracked now

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for small vehicles I agree, however you cant crush any vehicles that are like as big as the bulldozer or the eb7 in any of them, like the train crusher and wrecking ball used to, thats one of the reasons why it would be good for it to be a feature that you can turn off if you want to


Waahing machine also got nerfed

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The washing machine used to delete the entire car
now it just throws it around

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washing machine still works on fast

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Some of th shredder crusher is cracked :egg:

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